IGOFX General Info

Why I'm Unable to Visit the Fund Withdrawal Page?

The following might be the possible explanation: * Your account verification is still in the process of verification. * Withdrawal requests can only be done once your account is verified.

How Do I Register Trading Account Under Company Name?

Trader may need to upload below documents for account verification: 1. Identification Proof * Copy of Company CEO / Director Identification Card * Copy of Company Registration Form * Copy of Registration Field 2. Address Proof * Copy of company utility bill or bank statement

May I Use Registered Email Again for New Account Registration?

No, Each email can only be use once. System will prompt error message of "This email already Registered!" when trader trying to register same e-mail.

How Do I Change the Referred Code / Agent Code?

* Once registration done, agent code / referred account is not be able to amend or change. * Trader may need to register new account with new e-mail address under their prefer/correct agent code.

IGOFX Account Registration

Opening an account is easy. Simply complete the following steps. * Click Live Account at the upper right corner of the home page (http://igofx.com/register-account-1/) . * Fill up the Account Opening form and submit. * Check your email for Confirmation of IGOFX Web Cabinet Profile Registration. * Please check your inbox as well as spam mail folder for it.

IGOFX Account Verification

There are two document types that a customer will submit as required by our verification protocol: * Identity documentation * Resident documentation _Identity Documentation_ APPROVE REJECT Government Issued ID Card Customer’s utility bill Passport Customer’s name or Identity number mismatch Unknown person’s photo Scenery Photo Animation character’s image Suspicious document / potentially digitally edited document ...

How to be Effectively Assisted By Customer Service Agent?

* What are the information that generally required by IGOFX Customer Service in order to be able to assist customer to resolve problem? * Trading Account Number * Trading Tickets Number (*if any) * When does the problem started? * Brief elaboration of the problem * Screen shots (*if any)

What is a trader? What do they do?

* What is a trader? What do they do? * Customer comes into a broker house as a TRADER, trader makes forex trading * If they think a certain currency pair shall rise, they will perform BUY action via their trading platform * If they think a certain currency pair shall drop, they will perform SELL via their trading platform * Each BUY / SELL action shall form a trading ticket, which shall contains the following information: * TRADING TICKET NUMBER * Traded Currency Pair * Date &...

What is Liquidity Provider?

* What is Liquidity Provider? * Liquidity Provider is an entity that either works as Financial Institutes or actually is Bank (with different level). In short, Liquidity Provider (In short: LP) is an entity that provide Foreign Currency Pair Price Feed / Commodity Price Feed / Futures / Precious Metals to the FX Broker House. * Some broker house would get price feed from several LP and get their multiple sources of price feed to be aggregated; forming price feed with more competitive edge ...

How Does a Broker House Operates?

* How each Forex Broker House Operates? * Forex Broker is basically Forex Investment Company that offer Forex investment environment for all Forex traders, they are also to liaise with Liquidity Provider and Financial Regulatory Organization in order to provide confidence and protection to related customers.

Why Changing Registered Email has to be so Troublesome?

* Why Changing Email Address that binds to the WEB CABINET PROFILE has to be so complicated and troublesome? * The registered email will be considered as utmost important information in the CABINET PROFILE because all the password and trading reports will be delivered to that respective email. * Customer will be required to deliver their IDENTITY DOCUMENTS, RESIDENCE DOCUMENTS (which is notary verified) to support@igofx.com before they are allowed to update their registered email address.

Functions of Web Cabinet Profile?

* What can we do with the CABINET PROFILE? * CABINET PROFILE is the place where customer can perform actions such as: * FUND DEPOSIT, * FUND WITHDRAWAL, * INTERNAL TRANSFER OF INVESTMENT FUND, * CHANGE PASSWORD, * CHANGE LEVERAGE * UPDATE NAME & PERSONAL DETAILS * What are the password types we have in CABINET PROFILE? * Trading Account Password * Investor Password * Cabinet Password * Withdrawal Pin * What is INVESTOR PASSWORD? * This password allo...

What is Web Cabinet Profile

* What is WEB CABINET PROFILE? * CABINET PROFILE is something like an account that contains customer following information: * Personal Information * Legal Name, * ID card number / Social Card Number / Passport, * Country of Residence * Date of Birth * Phone Number * Registered Email * Residence Address * Trading Account Details * Forex Trading Account Number * Leverage * Balance of Fund

IGOFX Market Operation Hours

* Trading Platform Market Operation Hours * Sunday 22:00 (OPEN TIME – GMT +0) * Friday 21:00 (CLOSE TIME – GMT +0)