IGOFX Fund Investment

Can Fund Manager Uses Auxiliary Trading Tools in Their Investment?

Yes, tools such as Expert Adviser, Indicator, Paid Financial Analysis Services can be used as supplementary force to increase the chances of profit making. IGOFX does not restrict Fund Manager uses additional trading tools to assist their decision making in trading.

Does Fund Investment Guarantees Profit Making?

No, fund investment is just one of the investment methods which is operated by independent traders (also customers of IGOFX) who has higher chances of making profit. Fund Manager shall use their experience, skills, EA, analysis to manage their trading and at the same time increase their chances of making profit, surely there's no 100% guarantee of profit making in every trade they made. Fund Manager's previous performance shall not be taken as a long-standing profit making evidence as changes ...

How to Become a Fund Manager?

* Login to cabinet * From the top navigational bar, choose >> Investment >> Manager CP >> Add New Manager * Fill in the details and submit to the company * FM applicant needed to invest a minimal $1000 USD as FM Capital * The Applicant needed to trade with IGOFX platform at least 3 months, only applicant with good profit making trading record will be considered to be a FM. Evaluation will be made by system admin.

What is IGOFX Fund Investment

IGOFX Fund Investment is a Forex Investment Service for Traders that aims to be investor, which their main objective is to invest their fund to their preferred or trusted Fund Manager whom will help the investor to make profit via their experience and skill-sets. In other words, investor can make profit via Forex by investing their money on other professional traders. IGOFX Fund Investment operates on the following manners: * Investor choose to invest on Fund Manager in their own Cabinet....