Trading, MT4 or Technical Related Topics

What are the Major Currency Pairs?

There are four common currency pairs which are commonly traded by all trades which are: * Euro / US. Dollar (EUR/USD); * U.S. Dollar / Japanese yen (USD/JPY); * U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc (USD/CHF); * British Pound / U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD). The majors trade under the greatest volume and liquidity in IGO.

What is Margin Call (MC)?

A margin call is also known as MC, it is a warning message that occurs when a trader’s account is running out of sufficient funds to sustain their current floating / active positions. If the market moves against a trader’s position(s), additional funds will be requested through a "margin call". If there are insufficient available funds, the trader's open positions will be closed out If a trader’s Equity (Balance - Open Profit/Loss) is below certain margin level which is the amount required to s...

What Is Margin?

The term, Margin means the needed amount of fund (money) which required in trading account in order to open a trading position / trading ticket. Free or available margin is indicated in the MT4 trading terminal section. Margin may be calculated as follows: ((Current Market Quote * Contract Size) / Leverage) * Volume = $Margin Required For example: * A trader wants to open 0.01 (10,000 base currency) lots of EURUSD at the current market quote of 1.1122 and with a leverage level of 1:1,00...

What Is Spread?

Spread is the difference between the buy (also known as ASK price) and sell (also known as BID Price) price of a currency pair.

What is Slippage and How It Affects Stop/Loss Take Profit Execution

While we had explained what is Gap and how it actually affects S/L & T/P, Slippage is much more like Gap but it is less critical market phenomenon where trader's trading orders will be executed but it is not executed at the desired price. The reason is because the market price is changing drastically until there's no time to execute the S/L or T/P order at a requested level, the order however will be executed on the next available best price that the system can grab, which incurring Slippage. Sl...

Is Stop/Loss Guaranteed?

In Forex Investment, trader's Stop Loss is subject to market volatility and best available price; the execution is however, not guaranteed. In the event of gap, the price changes so quickly until there is visible gap on the chart. All orders caught in the gap shall not be filled. All stops caught in the gap are not executed.Hence, Stop/Loss is not guaranteed. In reality, its not just Stop/Loss but Take Profit is also not guaranteed and is subjected to the volatility and best price execution. I...

May I Change my Withdrawal Pin and Web Cabinet Profile Password?

Yes, you may change / update / edit your above mentioned passwords via your own IGOFX Web Cabinet Profile. Do follow the following simple steps to complete your password update: * Login to: * Cursor move to "MY ACCOUNT" on the top panel * Select "Change Password", choose the related password type to perform update

How to I login my cabinet account for the first time after registration?

* Log into: ( * You are provided with a temporary system generated password. * Use the information that you received on your email from your registration to IGOFX Trading Account with your username and password

Should I Fill Up Agent Code During Account Registration?

Agent code is optional. If you are referred by an agent then only you need to fill in

Why I didn’t get my confirmation email after register on the website?

* Your registration confirmation email is important as it contains information about your username, password and how to access your IGOFX Trading Account. * Please remember to check your Junk folder as sometimes the emails we send, from webmaster, are treated as spam. * Please remember to update your Junk filters so that this doesn’t happen in future, as we may need to contact you from time to time about important updates to the website. * Should you feel the need to re-acquire your mail...

Is There Any Guaranteed Winning in Forex?

* Is there any guaranteed Return of Investment? What are the chances of winning in Forex? * There's no certain guaranteed in the investment, IGOFX does not guaranteed any % of fix return on investment, kindly refer to your partners or your referral to get further detail; since our business partners would offer various different programs, we advised our customer to refer to their respective agent / partner to know more about the details. IGOFX encourage our client to learn before they can tra...

What is Scalping? Is it allowed?

* What is scalping? * Scalping is a trading techniques where the trader would perform the following action * Open trading position with big lot size * Close the trading position whenever it reaches profit zone within 2 minutes *Trader is allowed to close any trading positions within 2 minutes in order to cut loss or to re-strategy again trading decision * Such trading technique is considered as illegal trading technique by many Forex broker in the world, IGOFX is one ...

What is Gap?

* What is GAP? * Gap is a phenomena that will happen on either Major News Release time (first Friday of each month) or Monday when the market just about to open (due to the closed market during weekend, there will be a huge different on the movement of price position on Friday before the market closes comparing to the price range when the market just opened on Monday). * Hence, customers are advised not to hold their trading tickets or trading positions beyond Friday unless they are...

How to check if a certain time has news released? How it would affect the customer's trading?

* How to check if a certain time has news released? How it would affect the customer's trading? * Trader may visit ( , click on Calendar and select on the specific date and time to ensure if there was any news being released at a specific time. * Please be sure to adjust the display time according to your timezone to ensure news time schedule is accurately matched with your local time.

What is news time? When will it happened?

* What is news time? When will it happened? * News time happen all the times, but the impact of the news towards each specific market would depend on the severity of the market conditions (Low, Medium & High) * Non-Farm Payroll is a critical news time which shall appear on EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH, 12:30 pm on Summer’s time OR 1:30 pm when DST is on (GMT).

What to expect during news time?

* What to expect during news time? * Customer might experience the following due to highly volatile market condition * Unable to T/P (Take Profit) or S/L (Stop Loss) * Unable to open trading position on the expected price position * Pending orders might not be able to open on the expect price position * Gap might occurred * Price Re-quote Please be informed that the system will running on best execution policy, it means that the system shall try its best to grab the ...

MT4 Maximum Lot Size

* What’s the MAXIMUM LOT SIZE a MT4 terminal can accept? How many trading positions / trading tickets that a trader can open in a MT4 trading account? * MAXIMUM LOT SIZE on each trading position / trading ticket = 1,000 * MAXIMUM trading position / trading ticket that MT4 can open = 500