Are there any Affiliate Program? Or Commission Program?

  1. Are there any Affiliate Program? Or Commission Program?
    1. YES, every broker house will have similar program; the only difference is the amount of commission to be given to agent, levels of commission to be given out
    2. In such program, agent will have rankings such as:
      1. IB – Introduction Broker, which is the entry level of agent title with lowest commission
      2. Master IB – highest title to be given and comes with rich amount of commission

***Remarks: different broker might have different titles, but majority uses the above mentioned titles.

  1. How does the agent make money?
    1. Agent (IB / MIB) shall gain commission whenever their recruited traders closes a trading tickets
    2. Hence, the more active traders an agent recruited, the more income they shall make
    3. All commission shall be transferred IN REAL TIME / IMMEDIATELY to the agent’s trading account WHEN their recruited trader CLOSES a trading ticket
  2. How does the calculation work?
    1. The agent gets the commission (also known as rebate), the moment their customer closes their trading position / trading tickets. How much they can get depends on the lot size of the trading position,
    2. i.e.: the customer opened lot size 1.0, the agent then gets $0.50 USD the moment his customer closes that trading position. The more trading position the customer opens, the more $$ the agent is going to earn
    3. If it's at least 1.0 lot size, then he can get $0.5 USD. If lesser than that, then we calculate the lot size multiply with 0.5. If the agent’s customer traded 50 lots; then the agent shall get $25.
  3. How Agent recruits downlines or trader?
    • By giving the agent code or agent link to their potential customer, and guiding their customers to register new cabinet profile as well as trading account